The press about ‘We Nah Give Up’

Who are we to say they are wrong? Check out these raving reviews of ‘We Nah Give Up’ by Pura Vida & The Congos. Still available here. If you want to book us check out our bookings section.

Kwadratuur: 20th December 2011: ‘We Nah Give Up’ is, without a doubt, a masterpiece.

“A record to be compared with the best roots reggae from the seventies. It must have been back in 1977 (when their masterpiece Heart of The Congos was released) that the four singers were in such a good shape.” (Karel Michiels, De Standaard, 5 star review).

“Het hart van de Vlaamse reggae klopt in de Lost Ark Studio in Maria-Aalter.” (Lieven Verstraete, Radio 1) 21st December 2011: A great example of how dub reggae should sound.

Reggaediscography: 5th November 2011: This album is candidate to be one of the best Reggae albums of 2011. 4th December 2011: it’s not exaggerated to call this “We Nah Give Up” set the natural successor of one of the most outstanding classic roots & culture albums. a dedicated project, great music.

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