Opwijk, Nijdrop. Pictures

A little something to think back about the wonderful show at Nijdrop. Thank you to all our fans who were there! We’ve got more news and stories coming up. Keep checking in and spread the word.

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De Warande – pics and review.

Here are some pics of the show in De Warande, Turnhout, last Saturday.

A review that really gets the atmosphere of the event can be found on this link by reggae.be: “We saw how the magic of Pura Vida & Congo “Ashanti” Roy didn’t lose its glance live.”

Give thanks to everyone who was there. If you have missed it, don’t be sad. Shows are still coming up this Friday in Leffinge and Sunday in Opwijk. All the details can be found on this link.

Pura Vida & Congo “Ashanti” Roy live at the N9, Eeklo

Check out these magnificent pictures taken by our very own Tijs Van Steenberghe.

If you are still in doubt of seeing one of our shows, take a look at these pics, listen to the music and be there!

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The Pura Vida family awaits you!

Expect unprecedented shows with the legendary Congo “Ashanti” Roy!

Expect new and old work, coming up on the horizon.

Expect all the things that you want to expect, double it up and you’re still not close enough!

The fire is burning in the Lost Ark!

Expect to see you there!

Spread the word. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Share the message!

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Pura Vida & The Congos in Closing Time this Friday

This Friday, Pura Vida & The Congos are featured on the great Radio 1 radioshow Closing Time by Lieven Verstraete. For all the details click here.

Meantime check out our upcoming events with Pura Vida feat. Congo “Ashanti” Roy in the shows section.

Hope to see you in 2012!

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Roydel Johnson aka Congo Ashanti Roy Bio

Johnson was born in 1943 in Kendal, Hanover Parish, Jamaica and attended Kendal School with Lee Perry, their mothers also being friends. At the age of sixteen he moved to Kingston to live with an aunt, and began hanging around recording studios, where he was taught guitar by Ernest Ranglin

In 1966 he returned home for Haile Sellasie’s visit to Jamaica and became a committed Rastafarian from that point on. Being a family man Johnson always cared for his 8 children; Marie Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Miriam Johnson, Tamara Johnson, Negus Johnson, Coretta Johnson, Garette Johnson and Queeny Johnson.

In 1977 he met Perry again, who after hearing Johnson play “Row Fisherman Row”, invited him to his Black Ark studio to record the song. Johnson arrived at the studio with Cedric Myton and they would record together as The Congos for the next few years, his tenor complementing with Myton’s falsetto and Watty Burnett’s Baritone.

When the Congos split up, Johnson began recording as Congo Ashanti Roy, and worked with Adrian Sherwood on his Singer and Players project and Prince Far I, the latter producing his debut solo album, Sign of the Star in 1980. Johnson contributed to Far I’s “Showcase inna suitcase” album the same year. A second album, Level Vibes, followed in 1984, this time produced by Sherwood.

In 2003, Johnson moved into production and set up his own Lion’s Den recording studio in Portmore, and his own Koto Koto Music label. In 2004, The Congos, including Johnson, announced plans to tour the world, and since then they tour the world non-stop.

In 2009 The Congos met Bregt “Braithe” De Boever and plans where made for an album on The Lost Ark Music Label. In 2011 ” We Nah Give Up” was released on limited edition vinyl.The Album sounds like the foundation reggae sound from the seventies. Check our press section for reviews.

In 2012 Roydel Johnson came to Belgium to record a new Solo Album. While he was in Belgium to do some recordings in the Lost Ark Studio, Pura Vida and Ashanti did a small tour. The tour was very nice and the people just love the vibes!

In Octobre 2012 Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida released the album Hard Road | LAM 002   The album was released on 180 grams Red Vinyl Limited edition.

In March 2013 Congo Ashanti Roy is coming to Belgium again for the Hard Road Tour & to spend lots of time at the Lost Ark Studio working on new Lost Ark productions!

The Congo Man is coming!

The setlist of these unique events will be very diverse. Expect old and new songs by Pura Vida. Songs from ‘We Nah Give Up’ will be played together with Congo “Ashanti” Roy. The notorious past of The Congos won’t be ignored as ‘Heart of The Congos’ has always been the great source of inspiration for Pura Vida.

Make no mistake about it: the fire is burning at the Lost Ark! The Congo Man is coming! Don’t miss out!