Presenting: Steven “Stevo” Van Coillie

The “Pura Man” and “Stevo” first met at the Lappersfort forrest in Bruges where Stevo was an activist. “Stevo” and “Pura Man” started playing together in the reggaeband ‘Najanonki’. “Stevo” was there with ‘Pura Vida’ from the beginning in 2007 as a guitar player.

“Stevo” brings influences from allover the planet to Pura Vida. Apart from a guitarplayer, “Stevo” is also a song writer, a composer and the author of the tune “Collieroots”.

Presenting: Stefaan “Collieman” Colman

‘He’s a young white singer with a voice like a black man, and shall move your hearth with conscious lyrics’ — ‘If we see such a talented young singer, we can only be happy we’ve kept the reggae fire burning’ — ‘Collieman could probably even be the first real reggae singer Beljam has known’ — ‘the Beljam Gentleman or Alborosie’ — ‘Another proof reggae doesn’t have to be Jamaican to be good’…

It are only some of the rumors that have been going around lately. One thing is for sure: 2010 certainly has been a year in wich more people got to meet this upcoming artist.
In 2010 the Puraman and Collieman went on a legendary trip to the Lion’s Den Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

Collieman is featured on the debut album ‘Struggle in the City’ and can also be heard on the new record Pura Vida & The Congos.


Presenting: Bos Debusscher

The “Pura Man” was looking for an organist on myspace and got in to touch with Bos. Alliances were made in 2008 when Bos first came to rehearse with Pura Vida @ The Lost Ark Studio. Since that day, he never left.

Bos plays organ, clavinet and piano in an old school reggaedubstyle. His sound is humble, edgy and a bit fragile.

Pura Vida @ Polé Polé

Check out these cool pics from Polé Polé!

Thanks a lot Koen Van Der Haegen!

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Presenting: Boris “Bobo” Perck

The “Pura Man” first heard of Bobo’s skills when he was playing with ‘The Roots Train Rockers’ an Antwerp based reggaecoverband.

“Bobo” is an original ‘Pura Vida’ member, being there right from the very early beginnings in 2007. His bass playing is legendary, profound and one of the essential cornerstones of ‘Pura Vida’.

Pura Vida & The Congos | We Nah Give Up | LAM 001

Limited vinyl edition |  Released 2011

The double LP record is available at our concerts. Or for €20 + shipping if you sent an e-mail to

Limited edition only folks!

Pura Vida @ Polé Polé tomorrow!

Tomorrow, 22nd of June, live at the Graslei, Polé Polé festival. Show starts @ 8.45 p.m.

Shout if you want to be there! Tell your friends share on facebook!

Natural Mystic Part One – Podcast

Something to keep you longing for the big thing.

New record from Pura Vida & The Congos coming very soon! Expect more news in the coming days.

Live Shows Summer 2011

Here are your chances to see Pura Vida live this summer.


1 juli    Amsterdam – Ruigoord

2 juli    Puurs – Simmerdown

13 juli    Gent – Kinky (unplugged, kleine bezetting)

22 juli    Gent - Polé Polé

23 juli    Opwijk – Nijdrop

29 juli    Brugge – Klinkers

3 aug   Lokeren – Fonnefeesten

14 aug   Tielt – Melkrock

3  sep   Sint Niklaas – Villa Pace